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Q1:Apo Go/Mo 可用在哪些設備上? What devices can Apo Go/Mo be used on?

Support for use on all android device, exp: Tvbox, mobile phones and tablets.

Q2:用戶名和密碼哪裡獲取? Where is the username and password?

在購買後我們的客服會收到授權碼,輸入授權碼時,會自動生成賬號和密碼。 請不要忘記屏幕截圖以便切換設備
After the purchase, will received authorised code. When key in code, will auto generate account and password. Pls don't forget to take a screen shot to switch device.

Q3:如何購買? How to buy?

After selecting the package, please fill in your information and receive your authorization code within 5-10 minutes after payment; if you have not received it for a long time, you can contact our customer service staff for assistance.

Q4:有幾種付款方式?How many payment methods are there?

Payment can be made by credit card, debit card or FPX Online Banking.

Q5:付款後收不到授權碼怎麼辦? What should I do if I cannot receive the authorization code after payment?

Contact customer service, submit or screenshots yours purchase receipt and provide email.


Q6:購買了授權碼,在哪裡輸入? After purchased the authorization code, where can I key it?

Enter to personal center-account authorization, enter the purchased authorization code, prompt the successful authorization, exit the application and re-enter.

Q7:配套Base和配套Plus有什麼區別?What is the difference between package Base and package Plus?

package Plus is include 18+ content, package Base without contain 18+ content and the rest is consistent.

Q8:如果設備壞了,需要更換設備應該怎麼操作? If the device is broken, how do I need to replace the device?

The purchased authorization code can be migrated to another device unlimited times. Example: After device A is logged in, if you want to log in to device B, first take a screenshot in the account card in your personal account, and then enter the account number and password on device B, and you can migrate to another device unlimited and unlimited times.

Q9:最新版本安裝不成功是什麼原因? What is the reason for the unsuccessful installation of the latest version?

如果之前有安裝過Svi Go/Mo的版本,需要先卸載原有的版本,再安裝Svi Go/Mo的最新版本
If you have previously installed an old version of Svi Go/Mo, you need to uninstall and download again the latest version.

Q10:卸載原先的舊版本並安裝最新版本,之前的授權碼是否仍然有效?Uninstall the old version to install the latest version, is the authorised code still valid?

Uninstall the old version and install the latest version. The original member code will still be valid. As long as it is still valid, you do not need to re-enter the member code.

Q11:輸入授權碼出現“此授權碼只允許在同一設備進行激活”的提示時,如何解決? How to solve the prompt when entering the authorization code that "This authorization code is only allowed to be activated on the same device"?

Exit the application and re-enter, this authorization code will take effect. This prompt is to indicate that the authorization code has been entered. You have pressed the prompt several times to confirm the prompt. If it is not resolved, please take a screenshot of the authorization code you purchased and contact customer service.


Q12:Apo Go/Apo Mo要求安卓版本多少?Apo Go/Apo Mo require what android version?

It is recommended that the device is Android version 5.0 or above. If you are not sure whether your device can support it, you can obtain a test number from our customer service.

Q13:購買賬號后,是否接受退款?Will accept a refund after purchasing an account?

*下單並付款后相同于接受我們的協議與條規。We do not accept refunds based on human preferences, including reasons that the device cannot be supported. We recommend that you refer to our purchase instructions and about our Apo Go/Apo Mo Q&A before purchasing. We also recommend that you obtain a test number from our customer service before purchasing After the test, purchase again.
* After placing an order and paying, it is the same as accepting our agreement and rules.

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